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Organic resilience and decay.

Christina Schou Christensens organic works show us decay and resilience working together to achieve life-affirming and alluring beauty.

The rough surfaces are cleaned of romanticism and sentimentality but still full of eternal magnificent scenic munificence.

Christina finds artistic inspiration in the chapped surface of the dried marshland, the shrunken apple, the eroded rock, the cracked painting, the corroded fitting. Everything that's decayed or dilapidated.

She does'nt simplify natures rustic diversity to smooth surfaces, and dares to confront the viewer with the beauty of decay.

It is both bold and courageous to challenge our habitual imagination of what's striking or not, by using the clay the way she does.

We welcome Christina in our gallery and firmly believe that a new rising star is born.

Please mail us for more pictures and prices.

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